Our vision

Our vision is to create a simple, easy to use solution for organisations to establish and maintain data protection compliance.

We believe that to protect personal information, organisations need to build and maintain a culture of continuous compliance. We do this by making everyone in an organisation understand privacy. We believe that if people understand privacy then they care. And if everyone cares, then everyone will do their bit to help build and maintain that culture of continuous compliance.

We believe strongly that companies themselves and not outside consultants or lawyers are best placed to achieve compliance. Nobody knows a company’s business and the personal data it processes more than the people that work within it. Those people just need to understand why they need to do it, how to do it and be given the tools to make it happen - all in one place.

This is what The Privacy Compliance Hub provides.

The founders’ vision:

Our founders

Karima Noren

Former Head of Legal for Google in Emerging Markets. Member of the Society of Computers & The Law sub committee on data protection. Extensive, hands on experience of implementing compliance programmes for multiple companies. Passionate about taking the complicated and making it simpler.

Nigel Jones

Former Head of Legal at Google in Europe. Qualified solicitor with over 25 years legal experience advising companies on data protection and privacy in both private practice and the real world. Expert in risk evaluation, management of data breaches and claims avoidance.