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We’ve created an unashamedly simple solution for companies to be data protection compliant.

To protect the privacy of personal information, companies need to create a culture of continuous compliance. We do this by making sure everyone in a company understands privacy. If people understand privacy, they care. If everyone cares about privacy, they’ll do their bit to maintain that culture of continuous compliance.

Your people just need to understand who should do what, when and how. This is what we provide. Simple, really.

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The Privacy Compliance Hub was founded by Karima Noren and Nigel Jones. They work with an agile team of highly experienced collaborators and advisors to ensure the hub is always the most up-to-date and effective way for any organisation to satisfy its privacy compliance obligations.

Karima NorenFormer head of legal for emerging markets at Google and founder of the Legal Pod, Karima has extensive experience of implementing compliance programmes for companies of many sizes. She’s passionate about keeping things simple and getting them done.

Nigel JonesFormer Associate General Counsel and head of legal for Google in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Nigel has over 25 years’ experience advising companies on data protection and privacy. He’s an expert in risk evaluation, management of data breaches and claims avoidance.


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Our legal solution to a legal problem.

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