Empower your organisation
to deliver privacy compliance

With its easy-to-use Route Map, our hub built by privacy experts makes doing data privacy compliance simple for you and your organisation.

Our hub enables you to establish, maintain and demonstrate data privacy compliance, including GDPR and CCPA, and engages all of your organisation within a simple structure.

Three reasons to choose the Privacy Compliance Hub…

Reduce business risk and protect your reputation

A cost-effective solution with expert guidance every step of the way

Ongoing ability to maintain and demonstrate your privacy compliance

How we help you to establish continuous compliance

We show you how to build a people-led programme

Our hub’s structured around 8 Privacy Promises. You and your staff follow our step-by-step Route Map to deliver on these promises. It’s simple, engaging and supported by training, templates and tips.

A people-led programme

You have one home for all your privacy needs

Forget costly, complex solutions – our hub delivers a simple-to-use, automated privacy programme formulated by ex-Google lawyers and provides you with all the records you need to demonstrate your data privacy compliance.

Your staff will understand and care about privacy

People make mistakes! We provide a suite of online training to help your people understand and care about data privacy. All backed up by the reassurance of powerful reporting tools.

Your staff will understand and care about privacy

Everyone knows what to do and why

Proper data compliance needs all your staff on board so we equip your staff with the knowledge of what to do and why. You choose your team of privacy champions and the hub empowers them to safeguard your organisation’s privacy every day.

With the Privacy Compliance Hub you get…

  • A comprehensive, all-in-one privacy management programme
  • Interactive staff training courses
  • An automated, easy-to-follow Route Map
  • Practical tips and templates
  • Records and reporting tools

Spread the privacy load

Our Route Map spreads the responsibility for compliance across your organisation. Everyone can see what they need to do and it guides them every step of the way.

Reduce business risk and avoid litigation

Our comprehensive privacy compliance solution mitigates the risk of any litigation or damage to your reputation.

Show compliance at any time

All your privacy documentation that demonstrates your compliance is a couple of clicks away in the hub.

"...for businesses keen to put better privacy at the heart of everything they do."Stephen Collins, Data Protection Officer, ClearBank

“We’ve found the Privacy Compliance Hub invaluable as a framework for embedding privacy compliance across our organisation… the data champions we appointed across the business have helped us ensure a high level of engagement in data issues.”Rebecca Miller, Head of Corporate Governance, Channel 4

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