How the hub works for you

Our hub enables you to do data privacy compliance properly, including GDPR and CCPA. It engages all of your organisation within a simple structure and uses easy-to-understand language.

You get…

  • A comprehensive privacy compliance programme
  • Interactive staff training
  • An automated Route Map
  • Practical tips and templates
  • Records and reporting tools
Let us show you how

A simple structure

Our hub’s structured around 8 Privacy Promises. You and your staff follow our step-by-step Route Map to deliver on these promises. It’s simple, engaging and supported by an online library, training, templates and all the records you need to demonstrate your data privacy compliance.



Everyone joins the journey

You choose a hub owner to oversee the compliance journey and they pick their cross-departmental team of privacy champions. This team then helps the hub owner implement the 8 Privacy Promises by following the easy-to-use Route Map we’ve created.

If everyone understands privacy they’ll care about privacy. And if everyone cares about privacy, everyone will do their bit to make sure your organisation is data privacy compliant.

Your fast track to privacy compliance

Your Route Map tells you and your team of privacy champions what has and hasn’t been done. It acts as both a project management tool and an audit of your organisation’s compliance.

It simplifies and speeds up your compliance journey, engages your staff and makes it easy for your organisation to demonstrate your privacy compliance.

Engagement is everything

We understand data privacy doesn’t excite everybody. As well as simplifying and automating your journey to compliance, we’ve made sure it’s as engaging as possible. Help from our Privacy Guy is always a click away. Please note, we had no say in his choice of tie.