Why choose the Privacy Compliance Hub?

We offer a simple, structured, comprehensive, privacy compliance programme to best manage your risk. Built by ex-Google lawyers with a proven track record of protecting the reputations of leading organisations, our hub builds a culture of continuous privacy compliance within your organisation, making it easy for everyone to understand privacy and commit to protecting it.

The Hub

  • enables you to understand the requirements and confidently implement them
  • includes relatable training content so everyone’s on the same page
  • provides the required data protection assurance to your clients and partners
  • has powerful reporting tools, so you can always demonstrate your compliance
  • successfully reduces the risk of fines and tarnished reputation

What are your alternatives?

Hire a consultant

A consultant offers the possibility of a bespoke solution, but they’re expensive, their quality can vary and they’ll never know your business as well as your own people do. A consultant may also ask you to buy additional software tools to support their work. And when they’re gone, their expertise is also gone.

Speak to a lawyer

They may know the law, but they can be frighteningly expensive! Plus, they’re unlikely to know enough about your business and their ideas and solutions could be more ‘legal’ than ‘practical’.

Solve it with software

Some software can help, but there’s no software solution that can do the whole privacy job for you. Unlike the hub, most software needs someone who knows privacy law and how to use the software, plus it can be expensive to implement.

Do it yourself

If you’ve got the time and the enthusiasm, you can have a go at tackling privacy compliance yourself. There are a lot of free resources on the internet, but it’ll require a huge commitment to learn and implement everything, without really knowing if you’re doing it right.

Employ somebody

Finding the right person can be difficult. They can be very expensive to recruit and retain. They’ll need privacy expertise and be able to motivate your staff to embed a culture of privacy within your organisation.

Which is where we come in

The Privacy Compliance Hub is the simplest and most cost-effective privacy compliance solution for organisations of every size. It tells you what to do and how to do and it enables you to demonstrate your compliance, all in one place.

“What I didn't like with PCH’s competitors was they were asking me to pay tons of money. It's a high cost for a company. Much more per month. And I couldn't see the product.”

Sophie Chapuis, Strategic Finance Lead, Second Nature

Our approach

Keep it simple

Our integrated, easy-to-follow Route Map guides you and your organisation through everything you need to do.

Be legally accurate

The hub’s built by tech lawyers with a proven track record of protecting the reputations of leading organisations.

Keep it up to date

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to keeping all the hub content up to date with the latest legal developments.

Culture first

Everyone in your organisation will understand who should be doing what, when and how, so you have a sustainable culture of continuous privacy compliance.

Our cost-effective, structured solution

Easy to use for those with no expertise in data privacy

Spreads responsibility for data privacy compliance throughout your organisation

Adaptable as your organisation changes or grows

The Privacy Compliance Hub is cost effective

– starting from £595 per month, our product is less than an hour of some City partners’ time

Recognised as experts

20 years of experience
advising on data privacy

Nominated for
4 industry awards
in 2 years

Recognised as
legal experts
by world leading tech company

A privacy service you can rely on

Here’s what some of our clients have to say

A practical solution

“I found the whole idea of it to be thrilling in the sense that it was the first time I'd seen anybody try to provide a practical solution for committing a permanent record of how you comply with the GDPR.”

Stephen Collins, DPO, ClearBank

Clear Bank

Love the personal touch

Because the PCH is a small business there’s that personal touch. As soon as I've got a question, I'll email Karima and she'll be back in touch straightaway. So, in terms of that client service as and when you need it, Karima and/or Nigel have always been available.”

Bruce Duncan, director of Risk & DPO, Tote


Super useful

“I really like the Route Map and the fact that it's very structured.”

Sophie Chapuis, Strategic Finance Lead, Second Nature

Second Nature

Very visual

“I like the structure because visually it's very easy to understand how an organisation has these milestones that have to be achieved.”

Boyko Boev, DPO, Aman Resorts


Why go for our privacy platform?

Privacy Compliance Hub co-founder Nigel Jones goes into more detail on the pros and cons of the different options.

Speak to our team or book a demo now

We’ll be in touch as soon as we can. If you would just like a chat to find out more, that’s absolutely fine. Alternatively, if you want to see what the PCH can do for your organisation we can take you through an online demo. It’s all done remotely through screen sharing and takes around 30 minutes.

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