The perfect prescription for privacy

In a sector where organisations process a lot of sensitive data and privacy compliance is evermore important, the Privacy Compliance Hub is a cost-effective way to treat the issue. It gives all of your stakeholders the confidence that your organisation is dealing with special category data properly and will remain in good privacy health going forwards.

Let us show you how

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Your road to privacy wellness…

Quick and effective

The automated, step-by-step Route Map is a fast track to establishing compliant operations and data protection processes.

Demonstrates you’re on the case

The hub is a simple way to show that you’re treating data privacy seriously and dealing with all of the risks associated with special category data.

Accessible and interactive

The hub’s comprehensive compliance programme has interactive training, the Route Map and templates all in one place.

Flexible and accountable

The hub makes it easy to see who’s supposed to be doing what and allows you to stay compliant if your organisation scales and changes.

What our clients say...

Building a relationship of trust

“Our aim is to help millions of people live longer, healthier, happier lives. To do that we need to build a relationship of trust, and that starts with privacy. The Hub gives us simple tools that support our ongoing work towards privacy protection. By demonstrating our dedication to privacy, we can foster transparent relationships with our customers and provide them with the resources they need to add life to years.’’

Sylvain Piquet
CEO at SharpTX

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