Hub Plus

Get privacy sorted with our simple hub, plus experts to support you

Implementing or upgrading your existing data protection compliance programme can seem daunting. Our award-winning hub makes that journey a much easier ride. And with Hub Plus you get privacy experts to help you all the way.

Three reasons to choose Hub Plus…

An award winning privacy management platform

A legal expert to help you every step of the way

A cost effective solution to your privacy problems

How Hub Plus helps you to establish continuous privacy compliance

It gives you a clear direction

The hub’s easy-to-use Route Map has a simple structure which educates, raises awareness and quickly achieves and maintains ongoing compliance with legal assistance to keep you on track.

A people-led programme

It provides you with quick answers

The hub was built by experts and with Hub Plus you can rely on the support of your dedicated lawyer when you need it without having to worry about the clock ticking.

It gives you the confidence to know you’re doing it right

No need to worry about any shifts in the regulatory landscape as we constantly update the hub to be in line with any changes and you get a lawyer to lean on.

Your staff will understand and care about privacy

It provides you with a sustainable privacy management programme

Proper data compliance needs all your staff on board so Hub Plus equips your staff with the knowledge of what to do and why. You choose your team of privacy champions and Hub Plus helps them to safeguard your organisation’s privacy every day.

With Hub Plus you get…

  • A comprehensive privacy compliance platform
  • An automated Route Map
  • A dedicated lawyer to guide your team to successful compliance
  • Online training for your whole organisation
  • All the records required to show compliance
  • A curated library of relevant information
  • Ability to generate reports
  • All future product enhancements
  • A dedicated relationship handler who knows your business
  • Legal experts available 24/7 via a dedicated helpline

Spread the privacy load

Our Route Map spreads the responsibility for compliance across your organisation. Everyone can see what they need to do and it guides them every step of the way.

Show compliance at any time

All your privacy documentation that demonstrates your compliance is a couple of clicks away in the hub.

Reduce business risk and avoid litigation

Our comprehensive privacy compliance solution mitigates the risk of any litigation or damage to your reputation.


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