Hub Plus

What it means to be a
Hubber and why it’s worth it

When you buy a subscription to the Privacy Compliance Hub, you and your colleagues all become members of a like minded community. You join thousands of other ‘Hubbers’ that have all been shown how to get privacy sorted in a simple, structured and engaging way within their own hubs.

Why it’s worth showing you’re a Hubber

People will see that you care about privacy

By displaying one of our members’ badges on your website, you are showing your customers, partners and employees that you take privacy seriously.

Set yourself apart from your competitors

A supplier’s respect for privacy builds trust and is a decisive part of a customer’s buying decision. Help your customers choose you by proudly displaying your member’s badge.

Proclaim your compliance

By completing all the milestones in the Route Map contained within your hub, you will be compliant with the GDPR (and the CCPA if you need to be). Be proud by showing your completion badge.

The value of the badges

Members’ badge

All our customers get a membership badge each year showing that they are a Hubber, that they care about privacy and are not just ticking boxes.

PCH Member Badge

Completion badge

With this badge our Hubbers show the outside world that they have achieved privacy compliance by completing all the milestones within the Route Map in their hub.

PCH Completed Badge

Find out why other organisations became Hubbers

Small print: Our badges are updated each year and you are welcome to keep the badge on your website for as long as you are a Hubber. Completion badges are only available to those Hubbers that can show that they have completed the privacy management programme contained within their hub. The Privacy Compliance Hub does not audit compliance, or certify in any way that Hubbers are compliant at any given time. The completion badge is purely a way that a Hubber can ‘self certify’ when they believe that they have reached a level of compliance using the Privacy Compliance Hub.

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We’ll be in touch as soon as we can. We can show you what the PCH can do for your organisation and answer any questions. It’s all done remotely through screen sharing and takes around 30 minutes. If you’d rather just have a chat, that’s fine.

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