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Our easy-to-use hub helps you embed data privacy protection into your business so you can always demonstrate compliance with privacy laws. And it works for companies of all sizes.


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Creating continuous compliance

Data privacy compliance matters. It affects your organisation’s reputation, risks and ability to close deals.

The only way to achieve privacy compliance is to build and maintain a culture of continuous compliance. Engage your whole organisation over time and you’ll create a culture that reduces the risk of data breaches.

How we do that for you...

Simple, step-by-step solutions

Our easy-to-use Route Map, templates and tips will keep you and your staff one step ahead of the regulations and your stakeholders on side.

Delegate and empower your people

People make mistakes! Equip your staff with the knowledge of what to do and why. Choose your team of privacy champions and the hub empowers them to safeguard your organisation’s privacy every day.

One home for all your privacy needs

Forget costly, complex solutions – our hub delivers a simple-to-use, automated privacy programme formulated by experts. Compliance managers love it as it makes their job much easier.

Online training and reporting tools

Proper data compliance needs all your staff on board, so we provide online training to help them understand and own data privacy. All backed up by the reassurance of powerful reporting tools.

What our clients say...

Peak privacy performance

“We explored a range of options to help us in our compliance journey and quickly found the Privacy Compliance Hub to be the best.”
Tom Williams
Head of marketing at Peak Labs

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An invaluable framework

“We’ve found the Privacy Compliance Hub invaluable as a framework for embedding privacy compliance across our organisation… the data champions we appointed across the business have helped us ensure a high level of engagement in data issues.”

Rebecca Miller
Deputy controller of corporate legal & governance and data protection officer at Channel 4

Kudos from CK

“The Privacy Compliance Hub is essential for Credit Kudos achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance.”
Kelly Read-Parish
Head of operations at Credit Kudos

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Making data privacy simple

Your hub provides a clear, user-friendly and engaging way to spread privacy compliance across your organisation. It’s not about doing one project well, your hub is your life-long privacy partner making compliance easy.

It shows you how to do it.
It gives you everything you need to do it.
And then demonstrates you’ve done it.

You get…
• A comprehensive privacy compliance programme
• Interactive staff training
• An automated Route Map
• Practical tips and templates
• Records and reporting tools

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