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A privacy management programme with culture at its heart which shows you how to get data privacy sorted (including GDPR and CCPA). We give you everything you need and enable you to demonstrate your compliance forever, all in one place.

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"...for businesses keen to put better privacy at the heart of everything they do" Stephen Collins - Data Protection Officer, ClearBank

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Your solution for data privacy compliance

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How it works

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Achieving continuous privacy compliance

Data privacy compliance matters. It affects your organisation’s reputation, risks and ability to close deals.

The only way to achieve privacy compliance is to build and maintain a culture of continuous privacy compliance. Engage your whole organisation over time and you’ll change your culture. 90% of data breaches are caused by staff error and that is a cultural issue you need to fix, now.

How we do that for you...

We show you how to build a people led privacy management programme

Our easy-to-use Route Map, templates and tips will keep you and your staff one step ahead of the regulations and your stakeholders on side.

We give you one home for all your privacy needs

Forget costly, complex solutions – our hub delivers a simple-to-use, automated privacy programme formulated by experts.

We make all your staff understand and care about privacy

People make mistakes! We provide a suite of online training to help them understand and care about data privacy. All backed up by the reassurance of powerful reporting tools.

We enable you to delegate data privacy

Proper data compliance needs all your staff on board so we equip your staff with the knowledge of what to do and why. Choose your team of privacy champions and the hub empowers them to safeguard your organisation’s privacy every day.

What our clients say...

Peak privacy performance

“We explored a range of options to help us in our compliance journey and quickly found the Privacy Compliance Hub to be the best.”
Tom Williams
Head of marketing at Peak Labs

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An invaluable framework

“We’ve found the Privacy Compliance Hub invaluable as a framework for embedding privacy compliance across our organisation… the data champions we appointed across the business have helped us ensure a high level of engagement in data issues.”

Rebecca Miller
Deputy controller of corporate legal & governance and data protection officer at Channel 4

Kudos from CK

“The Privacy Compliance Hub is essential for Credit Kudos achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance.”
Kelly Read-Parish
Head of operations at Credit Kudos

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Making data privacy simple

Your hub provides a clear, user-friendly and engaging way to spread privacy compliance across your organisation. This is how it works…

• You appoint a hub owner for your hub.
• The hub owner builds a team of privacy champions to support them.
• The team follows an automated Route Map which shows them what to do to establish and maintain a privacy compliance programme with culture at its heart.
• Your privacy compliance journey is recorded within your hub.
• And you keep going.

You get…

• A comprehensive privacy compliance programme
• A suite of interactive staff training videos
• An automated Route Map
• Practical tips, templates & know how
• Records and reporting tools

All in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you follow the Route Map in your hub correctly you will be compliant with the GDPR and the CCPA (if you need to be).

We could give you a certificate, but it wouldn’t mean anything. There are NO organisations anywhere in the UK or Europe that are authorised by the regulators to certify compliance with the GDPR (or the UK GDPR).

We have had small clients that have reached compliance in a month, but we never claim that the hub is a silver bullet. For most clients it is a journey which they take at their own speed.

Our privacy experts would be happy to explain how you can use the Hub to be privacy compliant worldwide. First and foremost, the hub is a GDPR compliance solution. It also makes you compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Any organisation with customers in the UK or EU needs to comply with the GDPR. And if you comply with the GDPR you will be 90% compliant with privacy laws worldwide.

It really depends on the platform and the consultant. There are terrible platforms and terrible consultants. We appreciate that you have options and you should be 100% confident that you make the right decision for your organisation. That is why we wrote an article explaining the pros and cons of each of your options.

Spreadsheets don’t prevent people making mistakes or explain to them their rights. To protect personal information you need to make your staff understand why privacy matters, make them care and then educate them on what they can do to help. We wrote more about it in this short article.

Our pricing is simple and starts at £595 per month. You can see more details on our pricing page.

Don’t worry – the hub is really simple to use. We take care to onboard you. We give you everything you need and we’re only a phone call away. If you feel like you need someone to give you ongoing help, consider our Hub Plus option.

The hub has been built by lawyers and we have one person whose sole job is to make sure that all the content in the Hub is completely up to date. She is called Claire – she is really clever and conscientious.

With an easy structure based upon our 8 Privacy Promises, a suite of engaging online training videos and help from our Privacy Guy.

The hub’s Route Map gets all the right people in the room, it provides them with the structure that they need to find all the data and keep all the necessary records up to date.

The best hub owner is someone who has been with your organisation a while, knows everybody in it and is known for getting stuff done. Your privacy champions are a cross departmental, cross location team of people supported by their bosses who aren’t afraid to ask questions.

We hope that you never want to leave us. However, if you do, you can download all your records and templates in your hub with one click of a button.

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