Defending privacy isn’t a one person job

Prior to co-founding the Privacy Compliance Hub, Karima Noren spent 10 years at Google before leaving to set up her own legal consultancy. It was a time when "a lot of very smart people were building really cool stuff but weren't giving privacy much thought," she says. That's still the case today.

By Claire Heaphy

Chief Information Officer at The Privacy Compliance Hub

March 2021

Too often business leaders see privacy as a legal issue, even though lawyers rarely make decisions about how data is handled. “Privacy is the collective responsibility of the entire organisation,” Karima adds. “It’s not the responsibility of lawyers and it’s not a one person job.” 

Good privacy practices require a cultural shift. One where the question – what does that mean for privacy? – is asked as a matter of course. It’s a change driven by a leadership team that makes clear that it cares about privacy. And it’s a way of working guided by an easy-to-use, structured programme like the Privacy Compliance Hub. 

It’s past time that privacy was given a place at the top table. If you’d like to find out more about where to start, we can help.

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