Around 80% of chronic diseases are preventable, but most people don’t have the insights necessary to take control of their health. Healthtech startup Thriva aims to change that. 

Founded in 2016, Thriva provides personalised at-home blood testing kits that can check for a range of health markers, such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels, liver function, cholesterol and iron. Customers range from 20-year-olds through to 80-year-olds, who take tests that are analysed by accredited labs. A GP-reviewed report is available via a platform and app within 48 hours. 

Thriva claims to be the world’s first preventative health service, allowing people to take control of their long-term health and lifestyle goals remotely, without the need to see a doctor. The London-based company has a 130-strong team and is growing 100% year-on-year. Thriva is now focused on scaling up partnerships with hospitals and other healthcare providers, and has won a £186m Covid-19 antibody test contract via the UK government. 

“We chose the Privacy Compliance Hub because we were looking for a tool that allowed us to quickly roll out a programme of continuous privacy compliance at the company and one that was so user-friendly that team members of all privacy knowledge levels could operate it & take key learnings away from it.”

Rachael Carolan – Chief Legal Officer, Thriva

In joining the Privacy Compliance Hub’s Hub Plus programme, Thriva will have access to an award-winning hub, as well as personal legal support to guide the process of maintaining and demonstrating a culture of continuous privacy compliance.“

“Technology is revolutionising healthcare and it’s data that’s powering that revolution. Thriva’s commitment to privacy and ongoing partnership with the Hub Plus programme proves it takes its data protection obligations seriously. We’re looking forward to working with the Thriva team.”

Nigel Jones – Co-founder, Privacy Compliance Hub