The turn of the year saw a flurry of new clients for the Privacy Compliance Hub.

Onfido, a global leader in artificial intelligence for identity verification and authentication, chose to join our network following a period of rapid growth. Onfido, which was founded in 2012, digitally proves a user’s real identity by comparing a photo ID with facial biometrics. 

“We have been talking with the Privacy Compliance Hub for some time,” Onfido Co-founder, Husayn Kassai, said. “At Onfido we’ve always had privacy at the very centre of our values, and the Privacy Compliance Hub helps us to keep it there as we continue to grow globally.”

The team has more than 400 employees working in nine offices around the world, servicing customers including Curve, Deliveroo, Revolut and Zipcar. Demand has rocketed over the past year, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and an acceleration of many organisation’s digital transformation plans. 

Onfido is joined by Navico and SharpTx, which have also committed to embedding privacy into their organisations with the help of the Privacy Compliance Hub platform. 

Navico is a specialist marine electronics company providing navigation, marine instruments and fish finding equipment to the marine sector. It is one of the world’s largest providers of leisure marine electronics for fishing, powerboat cruising, sailing and any other on-water activity, as well as providing digital navigation solutions for the commercial market.  

SharpTx is a healthtech builder of accessible digital tools to track and improve cognitive health. This diverse team aims to prevent and detect dementia years earlier and at a fraction of the current cost to improve quality of life for millions of people. 

“It’s great to have Onfido, Navico and SharpTx on board,” Nigel Jones, Co-Founder of the Privacy Compliance Hub, said. “It’s another vote of confidence from three highly regarded organisations in their respective industries.” 

If you’d like to join the growing list of organisations partnering with the Privacy Compliance Hub, contact us.