The potential for data to create truly personalised healthcare has whetted many an entrepreneur’s appetite in recent years. But the enthusiastic search for progress and innovation must be matched by an enthusiasm for privacy. 

That’s why we’re delighted to announce health-tech startup Second Nature has joined Privacy Compliance Hub. 

Since launching in 2015 as OurPath, Second Nature is one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. It has raised $13 million so far to develop its digital programme, which was the first to be commissioned by the NHS for long-term behavioural change and sustainable weight loss. 

Co-founders and former healthcare strategy consultants, Chris Edson and Mike Gibbs featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018 for science and healthcare.

Today, Second Nature has thousands of participants who access peer and health coach support to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Data has been an important part in evolving the business so far – one of Edson and Gibbs’ founding principles is to stay humble and make decisions based on data, rather than biases or preconceptions – and building trust among users is a key factor in the startup’s success. 

“The achievements of the health technology industry in recent years have been impressive,” Nigel Jones, co-founder of the Privacy Compliance Hub, said. “Personalised, targeted healthcare can often cut through better than a generalised approach. But privacy always has to be front of mind. We’re delighted Second Nature takes its responsibilities seriously and will be using our framework to make privacy compliance … well, second nature.”