Without help, the road to building and maintaining a culture of continuous compliance can seem long and winding at times. But it all starts with building awareness in your team. With awareness comes understanding and action. 

Many people argue data privacy doesn’t concern them because they have nothing to hide. But in the first of our short training videos, the Privacy Guy explores a scenario where you are stopped from going into a shopping centre by security guards. They tell you the facial recognition software in their CCTV cameras has flagged you as a shoplifter.

In a second scenario, your employer may decide to integrate productivity software to help monitor staff working from home, and complain when your output dips during the day. How does that make you feel? 

It’s a short but effective reminder that issues around data privacy touch all of us in so many ways. Everyone in an organisation must be aware of the importance of treating the information we collect with care and integrity. It’s about treating the personal information of others as we would want our own data treated. 

Find out more next time in our second privacy promise – Inventory. 

Build a culture of continuous privacy compliance

At the Privacy Compliance Hub, we make compliance easy for everyone to understand, care about and commit to. We call it a culture of continuous privacy compliance. Our platform, created by two ex-Google lawyers, provides a structured programme to follow, giving you confidence you’re keeping your customers, investors and the regulators happy. Discover how it works here.