“We’re delighted,” Nigel Jones said on behalf of himself and co-founder Karima Noren. “We believe we’re doing something very different, by giving business leaders the tools to establish and maintain a culture of continuous privacy compliance throughout their organisations, and to have the confidence to demonstrate they’re doing it right. Plus, who doesn’t like being called innovative?” 

The 21-strong panel of award judges was chaired by techUK president Jacqueline de Rojas, who said the event was “a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the incredible contribution that individuals and teams have made to innovation and to legal tech”.  

The award is a real vote of confidence for ex-Google lawyers Nigel and Karima. “There’s never been more personal information flowing through every part of a business, between businesses and around the world,” Nigel said. “Individuals are becoming more privacy conscious and regulators have more power to act against those that do not comply. Everyone needs to be thinking about this.” 

“Privacy compliance is often viewed as confusing, time consuming and expensive – and it can be. Law firms and consultancies charged hundreds of thousands of pounds in the run up to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. And today, many businesses are still paying too much for advice, or ignoring their privacy obligations altogether. But with the right guidance and support, compliance can also be easy, cost effective and simple,” Nigel said. 

“Our customers tell us they’ve been able to win business, ensure the confidence of investors, earn the trust of partners and escape the attention of regulators,” he adds. “They’re able to relax, safe from the risk of data breaches, lost reputation, large fines and resources wasted on complaints. And the importance of respecting a person’s right to privacy is greater than it’s ever been.”

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