1. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Follow who’s been fined and see what’s coming down the regulatory conveyor belt on the ICO’s comms channels. A handy what’s new page highlights updates to its Guide to Data Protection, although we prefer to follow its LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Easy-to-understand posts include video guides about developments such as the Children’s Code, which comes into force on 2 September, and updates on enforcements. Did you know there was one day when the ICO handed out £480,000 in fines to companies making unlawful calls? The ICO also publishes resources for staff regarding sharing information, and a guide on Covid-19 and data protection.  

2. Society of Computers and Law (SCL)

If you’d like a daily dose of privacy, SCL has a handy newsletter you can sign up to receive by email. Recent updates include the launch of a consultation by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles about the future of connected mobility in the UK. The SCL’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages are also handy for event and webinar notifications. 

3. European Data Protection Board (EDPB)

The EDPB is an independent body that ensures the consistent application of data protection rules throughout the EU. Follow its LinkedIn and Twitter pages for recommendations on the legal basis for storing credit card data, guidelines on targeting social media users, and information about where the EDPB is directing its energies next. In 2021, we’re expecting more cross-border enforcement of data protection law, guidance around blockchain and facial recognition technologies, and more support for national authorities on GDPR enforcement.  

4. Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC)

Tech companies flocked to the Emerald Isle after Google established its European headquarters in Dublin in 2003. Ireland is now home to Microsoft, Dell, IBM, SAP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hubspot and PayPal among others, with Amazon also reportedly interested in opening a new distribution centre in the country. So it’s often Ireland where some of the bigger GDPR investigations originate. For example, Facebook is under investigation by the DPC over a data breach that affected 533 million users around the world. Follow the DPC on Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest updates.  

5. BBC News Technology

The BBC’s technology team have covered a wide range of stories such as WhatsApp’s latest privacy campaign, the firms paid to dig into sports stars’ social media past, and the new bills introduced in the US to limit the power held by Big Tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook. We also keep an eye on their Twitter feed for breaking news.  

6. Wired

Once best known for its gadget reviews, today Wired is a great resource for staying up to speed with all things tech. Read about why everyone is switching to Signal, about Apple’s latest privacy features, and how to digitally erase all of your stuff when you quit your job. Follow Wired and Wired UK on Twitter for the best daily summary. 

7. The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

The 20,000-strong IAPP is the largest global information privacy community and resource that helps define, promote and improve the privacy profession globally. Follow the IAPP’s Daily Dashboard on Twitter for breaking news and Privacy Pros for resources and events. And in case you missed it, we also recently spoke to Paul Jordan, the IAPP’s European Managing Director, about his predictions for the future of the GDPR in the UK. 

8. New York Times On Tech

We’ve been reading journalist Shira Ovide’s On Tech reporting in the New York Times for a while now and highly recommend her newsletter, which you can sign up to here. Her columns cover topics such as why there’s so much fury at Apple, why tech still forgets about normal people, and how the supermarket is getting a technology makeover.  

9. Mishcon de Reya 

Our Hub Plus partners Mishcon de Reya, cover notable data privacy news stories and thought leaders in their Data Matters blog. Read about whether we’ll see an influx of collective GDPR claims via the Civil Procedure Rules, how Google’s getting on in its appeal at the Supreme Court, and how the new European Data Protection Board guidelines impact targeted advertising to social media users. 

10. Privacy Compliance Hub

If you think keeping abreast of all of these privacy developments sounds like a full time job, you’d be right. That’s why we do the job for you on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, plus we have a handy newsletter that brings the month’s top stories straight to your inbox. You’ll be confident you know just what’s happening in the world of privacy. 

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