Companies of every size and sector are battling with a talent crisis that shows no sign of abating. In the UK, unfilled job vacancies are high, the unemployment rate is low, and increasing numbers of people are dropping out of the labour market altogether. Many HR professionals are reconsidering the skills that their workforce already has. Research by LinkedIn found more than 70% of organisations are focused on internal recruiting. 

There are benefits to that approach. Organisations with active internal career management programmes have 41% higher retention rates than those that don’t. But building a resilient, optimised workforce where employees are empowered to continuously acquire new skills isn’t an easy task. 

That’s where Fuel50 comes in. Powered by artificial intelligence, the skills-based talent marketplace connects people to opportunities, mentors and projects within organisations, and provides personalised roadmaps for how employees can meet their career goals. The company works with clients as diverse as the Bank of Ireland, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Unicef, Verizon, Twinings and Travelodge, some of which have as many as 100,000 employees.

Founder and CEO Anne Fulton was first inspired to solve the problem of talent management when she was 14. She took a careers test that recommended she became a funeral director. While she wasn’t convinced about that result, she was fascinated by the science behind the process and wanted to create a better way to match people’s skills and ambition with opportunities. 

Fast forward a few decades and she and her co-founder Jo Mills have built a team of more than 100 people spread across six countries, and won a multitude of awards. And because personal information about thousands of people’s skills, interests and capabilities is at the heart of their disruptive approach, data privacy is a top priority. In joining the Privacy Compliance Hub, Fuel50’s team will be able to build a culture of continuous privacy compliance, one that puts privacy first at every stage of the journey. 

“At Fuel50, we can now ensure we are a fully GDPR compliant organisation thanks to the well-structured Privacy Compliance Hub platform and its simple approach to implementing the necessary privacy controls.”

Gustavo Orozco, Global Security & Privacy Manager, Fuel50

“Fuel50 is doing something really clever with employee data at a time when many businesses are struggling with the question of talent. We’re looking forward to working with them.”

Nigel Jones, Co-founder, Privacy Compliance Hub