Economists are calling it The Great Resignation. According to a 2021 survey of 30,000 people by Microsoft, 41% of the global workforce are considering quitting their jobs. But Stephane Panier, co-founder and CEO of BetterManager, believes people leave managers more than they leave companies. 

That was the spark that drove him to establish BetterManager in 2016, a leadership development platform that uses a combination of one-to-one coaching, group training and technology to support the development of all types of managers into leaders. Now, they’re on the right track to becoming leaders in privacy, after joining the Privacy Compliance Hub network. 

Like the Hub’s co-founders, Nigel Jones and Karima Noren, Panier was an early Google employee. His time at the tech giant made him realise how effective management coaching leads to increased employee engagement and retention, greater productivity and stronger company culture. BetterManager now has coaches all around the world and works with clients as diverse as Momentive, Chegg, Danby, Draftkings, and UC Irvine.

“Data privacy is a top priority at BetterManager. We take a lot of pride in earning and building trust with our customers. As our company continues to expand into new markets, we’re excited to partner with the Privacy Compliance Hub to further strengthen our data protection and compliance efforts. We believe this will provide us with a real competitive edge.”

Stephane Panier – Founder & CEO, Better Manager

“Good leadership is essential when it comes to building a culture of continuous privacy compliance but a framework like ours helps keep everyone focused on a common goal. That’s why it’s great to have BetterManager on board. We’re looking forward to working with them on this journey.” 

Nigel Jones – Co-founder, Privacy Compliance Hub

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